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What is the Definition of Corrie?

What is the Definition of Corrie?

A corrie is a deep, bowl-shaped hollow found on the side of mountains, typically formed by glacial erosion.

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Corrie as Noun

A corrie refers to a deep, bowl-shaped hollow found on the side of mountains.

Corrie as Adjective

The term "corrie" doesn't have an adjective form.

Corrie Synonyms

  • Cirque
  • Cwm
  • Glacial cirque
  • Glacial hollow

Examples of Corrie in Sentences

  1. The hikers reached the top of the mountain and were greeted by a breathtaking corrie.
  2. Exploring the corrie's steep walls, they discovered remnants of ancient glaciers.
  3. Corries are often home to small lakes, known as tarns, formed from melted ice.
  4. The corrie provided shelter from the strong winds as they set up camp.
  5. The snow in the corrie remained frozen even during the summer months.
  6. The corrie's beauty attracts photographers and nature enthusiasts from around the world.
  7. The corrie's floor was covered in vibrant wildflowers during the spring.
  8. She gazed down into the corrie, marveling at its sheer size and grandeur.
  9. Corries are important geological features that provide insights into past glacial activity.
  10. The corrie's walls were carved by the powerful forces of ice and rock.

Translates of Corrie

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Language Translation Pronunciation
English Corrie /'kɒrɪ/
Mandarin U-shaped glacial cirque 冰斗 (bīng dǒu)
Chinese U-shaped glacial cirque 冰斗 (bīng dǒu)
Spanish Corrie /kɒrɪ/
Hindi कोरी (kōrī) /'kɔː.ɹi/
Arabic كوري (kūrī) /'kʊː.ɾi/
Bengali কোরি (kōri) /kɔɾi/
Russian Корри (korri) /ˈkorʲɪ/
Portuguese Corrie /ˈkɒrɪ/
Japanese コリー (korī) /'kɔː.ɹi/
Punjabi ਕੋਰੀ (kōrī) /kɔː.ɾi/
German Corrie /ˈkɔʁi/
Javanese Corrie /ˈkɒrɪ/
Wu Chinese U-shaped glacial cirque 冰斗 (bīng dǒu)
French Cirque glaciaire /siʁk ɡlasjɛʁ/
Telugu కొరీ (kōrī) /kɔɾi/

5 FAQs About Corrie

What causes the formation of a corrie?

A corrie is formed through glacial erosion, where a glacier carves out a deep, bowl-shaped hollow on the side of a mountain.

Are corries only found in mountainous regions?

Yes, corries are typically found in mountainous regions where glaciers have been present.

Do corries always contain a lake or pond?

No, not all corries contain a lake or pond. The presence of a lake or pond depends on factors such as the amount of melted ice and the topography of the corrie.

Can corries be formed by other erosional processes?

Corries are primarily formed by glacial erosion. While other erosional processes may shape similar landforms, the specific characteristics of a corrie are usually associated with glacial activity.

Are corries significant in terms of geological research?

Yes, corries are important features for geological research as they provide valuable information about past glacial activity, climate changes, and the shaping of mountain landscapes.

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Thank you for reading the article about the definition of Corrie. Corries are fascinating landforms shaped by the powerful forces of glaciers. They are characterized by their deep, bowl-shaped hollows and often offer breathtaking views. Corries play an important role in understanding past glacial activity and contribute to the study of geology and mountain landscapes.