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What is the Definition of Corrie glacier?

What is the Definition of Corrie glacier?

A corrie glacier, also known as a cirque glacier, is a type of glacier that forms in a mountainous region. It is characterized by a concave amphitheater-shaped basin with steep walls, typically found on the side of a mountain. Corrie glaciers are formed through the accumulation and compaction of snow over many years, which eventually turns into ice. These glaciers play a significant role in shaping the landscape, as they erode the underlying rock and create distinct landforms.

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Corrie glacier as Noun

A corrie glacier is a landform created by the movement and accumulation of ice in a mountainous region.

Corrie glacier as Adjective

The corrie glacier features a distinct amphitheater shape and is characterized by steep walls.

Corrie glacier Synonyms

  • Cirque glacier
  • Mountain glacier
  • Alpine glacier
  • Glacial corrie
  • Rock-basin glacier

Examples of Corrie glacier in Sentences

  1. The corrie glacier carved out a deep bowl-shaped hollow on the mountain slope.
  2. During the last ice age, corrie glaciers were more prevalent in these mountain ranges.
  3. We hiked to the top of the valley to see the majestic corrie glacier.
  4. The retreat of the corrie glacier revealed a stunning landscape with moraines and tarns.
  5. Scientists study corrie glaciers to understand the effects of climate change on mountain ecosystems.
  6. The meltwater from the corrie glacier feeds into the nearby river.
  7. Mountaineers face numerous challenges when traversing corrie glaciers.
  8. The corrie glacier exhibits distinct layers of compressed ice.
  9. The corrie glacier slowly moves downhill due to its own weight.
  10. Corrie glaciers can have a significant impact on the formation of U-shaped valleys.

Translates of Corrie glacier

Language Translation Pronunciation
English Corrie glacier /ˈkɒri ˈɡleɪʃər/
Mandarin 冰斗冰川 (Bīng dǒu bīngchuān) /biŋ doʊ bɪŋtʃwæn/
Chinese 冰斗冰川 (Bīng dǒu bīngchuān) /biŋ doʊ bɪŋtʃwæn/
Spanish Glaciar de circo /ɡlaˈθjaɾ ðe ˈθiɾko/
Hindi कॉरी ग्लेशियर (Kōrī gleshiyar) /kɔːriː ɡlɛʃjər/
Arabic جليد كوري (Jalid kūrī) /ʒalid kuːriː/
Bengali করি হিমগ্লেশিয়ার (Kari himglesiẏār) /kɔri himɡleʃiaɾ/
Russian Каровый ледник (Karovyĭ lednik) /kaˈrovɨj ˈlʲɛdnʲɪk/
Portuguese Glaciar de corrie /ɡlaˈsi.ɐɾ dɨ ˈkɔ.ɾi/
Japanese コリー氷河 (Korī hyōga) /koɾiː ɕoʊɡa/
Punjabi ਕੋਰੀ ਹਿਮਗਲੇਸ਼ਿਅਰ (Kōrī himaglēśiara) /koːriː ɦɪməɡleːʃiər/
German Kar-Gletscher /kaːɐ̯ˈɡlɛtʃɐ/
Javanese Gletser corrie /ɡlɛtsər ˈtʃɔri/
Wu Chinese 坑冰川 (Gheng bin tsö) /kʰɛŋ pin tsœ/
French Glacier en cirque /ɡlasje ɑ̃ siʁk/
Telugu కొరీ గ్లేషియర్ (Korī glēṣiyar) /kɔˈri gliːʃiər/

5 FAQS About Corrie glacier

What are the main features of a corrie glacier?

Corrie glaciers are characterized by a concave basin shape with steep walls, often resembling an amphitheater. They are typically found in mountainous regions.

How do corrie glaciers form?

Corrie glaciers form through the accumulation and compaction of snow over time. The snow gradually turns into ice, creating a glacier in the concave basin of a mountain.

What role do corrie glaciers play in shaping the landscape?

Corrie glaciers are powerful erosional forces that shape the landscape. They carve out deep hollows, create U-shaped valleys, and leave behind distinctive landforms like moraines and tarns.

Are corrie glaciers affected by climate change?

Yes, corrie glaciers, like other types of glaciers, are impacted by climate change. Rising temperatures can cause them to shrink, retreat, or even disappear over time.

Can corrie glaciers be dangerous for mountaineers?

Yes, corrie glaciers can present risks and challenges for mountaineers. The steep and crevassed terrain requires proper skills, equipment, and caution when navigating. is a website that contains information about the meaning or definition of a word. You can find the terms you are looking for in the search field above the website.

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Thank you for reading about the definition of Corrie glacier. In summary, a corrie glacier is a type of glacier that forms in a mountainous region. It is characterized by a concave amphitheater-shaped basin with steep walls. Corrie glaciers play a significant role in shaping the landscape through erosion and the creation of distinct landforms. They are impacted by climate change and can present challenges for mountaineers. If you want to explore more geography terms, feel free to browse our website.