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What is the Definition of Core?

What is the Definition of Core?

The core refers to the central or innermost part of something. It can also represent the most essential or fundamental aspect of an object, concept, or system.

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Core as Noun

The noun form of "core" refers to the central part, usually the innermost or most important part, of an object, place, or idea.

Core as Adjective

The adjective form of "core" describes something that is central, essential, or fundamental to a larger entity or system.

Core Synonyms

Synonyms of "core" include: center, heart, nucleus, essence, kernel, focal point, mainstay, cornerstone, crux.

Examples of Core in Sentences

  • The Earth's core is composed of solid iron and nickel.
  • The core of a pineapple is edible.
  • Physical fitness is at the core of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The core values of the organization emphasize integrity and teamwork.
  • She focused on strengthening her core muscles through regular exercise.

Translates of Core

Language Translation Pronunciation
English Core [kɔːr]
Mandarin 核心 [hé xīn]
Chinese 核心 [hé xīn]
Spanish Núcleo [ˈnukleo]
Hindi कोर [kor]
Arabic النواة [an-nawwa]
Bengali কোর [kor]
Russian Ядро [yadro]
Portuguese Núcleo [ˈnukleo]
Japanese コア [ko-a]
Punjabi ਕੋਰ [kora]
German Kern [kɛrn]
Javanese Tengen [tɛngɛn]
Wu Chinese 核心 [ɦɤ tsiɪn]
French Noyau []
Telugu కోర్ [kor]

5 FAQs About Core

What does core mean in geography?

In geography, the term "core" can refer to the central or most developed region of a country or a region characterized by economic, political, and cultural dominance.

What is Earth's core made of?

The Earth's core is primarily composed of molten iron and nickel.

What are the core values of a company?

The core values of a company are the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide its actions, decisions, and culture. They often represent the organization's identity and serve as a foundation for its mission and vision.

What are the core muscles in the human body?

The core muscles in the human body include the abdominals, back muscles, and muscles around the pelvis. These muscles provide stability and support for the spine and contribute to overall body strength.

What is the core of a fruit?

In fruits, the core refers to the central part that contains the seeds or pits. Examples include the core of an apple or the central fibrous part of a pineapple.

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