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What is the Definition of Core-periphery model?

What is the Definition of Core-periphery model?

The Core-periphery model is a concept in geography that describes the spatial distribution of economic, political, and cultural power between central areas (core) and outlying regions (periphery). The core represents the dominant and developed areas with high levels of economic activity, infrastructure, and resources, while the periphery refers to the less developed and dependent regions that are economically and politically subordinate to the core.

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Core-periphery model as Noun

The Core-periphery model is a theoretical framework used in geography to analyze the spatial organization and economic structure of regions.

Core-periphery model as Adjective

The Core-periphery model perspective is often applied to understand regional disparities and economic inequality.

Core-periphery model Synonyms

Peripheral Development, Center-periphery model, Core-periphery theory, Spatial division of labor.

Examples of Core-periphery model in Sentences

  1. The Core-periphery model explains the uneven distribution of wealth and resources between urban and rural areas.
  2. In the Core-periphery model, the core regions are characterized by high levels of industrialization and infrastructure.
  3. The Core-periphery model suggests that the periphery relies on the core for investment and economic opportunities.
  4. According to the Core-periphery model, the peripheral regions often face challenges in attracting capital and skilled labor.
  5. The Core-periphery model highlights the role of transportation networks in shaping regional development.
  6. In the Core-periphery model, the core regions benefit from agglomeration economies and access to global markets.
  7. The Core-periphery model emphasizes the spatial division of labor and specialization.
  8. Under the Core-periphery model, the periphery may experience brain drain as talented individuals migrate to the core.
  9. The Core-periphery model is useful for analyzing the impact of globalization on regional disparities.
  10. Researchers use the Core-periphery model to study patterns of urbanization and suburbanization.

Translates of Core-periphery model

Language Translation Pronunciation
English Core-periphery model [kɔːr pəˈrɪfəri ˈmɒdl]
Mandarin 核心-边缘模型 [héxīn - biānyuán móxíng]
Chinese 核心-邊緣模型 [héxīn - biānyuán móxíng]
Spanish Modelo de núcleo-periferia [moˈðelo de ˈnukleo peɾifeˈɾja]
Hindi कोर-अतिपरिफरी मॉडल [koːr-atipariṗhariː moːdl]
Arabic النموذج الأساسي الأطرافي [alnmwd̥ʒ alʔasasii alʔaṭraafi]
Bengali কোর-আবর্তমান মডেল [koːr-abaɾt̪ɔman mɔɖel]
Russian Модель ядра-периферии [model' yadra-periferii]
Portuguese Modelo de núcleo-periferia [moˈdɛlu dʒi ˈnuklu-pɛɾifɛˈɾiɐ]
Japanese コア-ペリフェリーモデル [kɔa-pɛɾifɛɾi-moˈdɛru]
Punjabi ਕੋਰ-ਪਰਫ਼ੇਰੀ ਮਾਡਲ [koːr-pəɾəfi ˈmɑɖəl]
German Kern-Peripherie-Modell [kɛɐ̯n-pɛʁiˈfeːʁiː-ˈmɔdɛl]
Javanese Model inti-périféri [ model inti-péɾiféri]
Wu Chinese 核心-边缘模型 [ɦe ɕiɪn - pɿɪʔ jɪɪŋ mɔɤh]
French Modèle cœur-périphérie [mɔdɛl kœʁ-peʁifeʁi]
Telugu కోర్-పెరిఫరి మోడల్ [koːr-pɛɾipʰɛɾi moːd̪al]

5 FAQs About Core-periphery model

Q: What is the significance of the Core-periphery model in geography?

A: The Core-periphery model helps understand the patterns of economic development, spatial inequalities, and power relationships between central and outlying regions.

Q: How does the Core-periphery model relate to globalization?

A: The Core-periphery model helps analyze the impact of globalization on the concentration of economic power in core regions and the marginalization of periphery regions.

Q: Can the Core-periphery model be applied to other disciplines besides geography?

A: Yes, the Core-periphery model has been used in various fields such as economics, sociology, and urban studies to understand regional disparities and hierarchical structures.

Q: Are there any criticisms of the Core-periphery model?

A: Some critics argue that the model oversimplifies complex spatial relationships and neglects the agency and diversity within periphery regions.

Q: How has the Core-periphery model evolved over time?

A: The Core-periphery model has undergone refinements and adaptations to account for changing global dynamics, such as the rise of new economic powers and the impact of technology.

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