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What is the Definition of Coral?

What is the Definition of Coral?

Coral refers to a marine invertebrate animal that belongs to the class Anthozoa of phylum Cnidaria. Corals are known for their calcium carbonate exoskeletons, which form coral reefs and provide habitats for a wide variety of marine organisms. They are often brightly colored and exhibit diverse shapes and sizes.


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Coral as Noun

Coral is a noun that refers to a marine invertebrate animal of the class Anthozoa.

Coral as Adjective

When used as an adjective, coral describes something that resembles or relates to coral, such as coral color or coral formations.

Coral Synonyms

List of synonyms of coral: reef, polyp, coquina, madreporite, anthozoan.

Examples of Coral in Sentences

  • The divers explored the vibrant coral reefs in the Caribbean.
  • She collected seashells and pieces of coral on the beach.
  • The aquarium has a tank dedicated to showcasing different species of coral.
  • The artist painted a beautiful landscape with coral formations.
  • Global warming poses a threat to the survival of coral ecosystems.

Translates of Coral

  • English: Coral (pronunciation: /ˈkɔːrəl/)
  • Mandarin Chinese: 珊瑚 (shānhú)
  • Spanish: Coral (pronunciation: /koˈɾal/)
  • Hindi: प्रवाल (praval)
  • Arabic: مرجان (murjan)
  • Bengali: করাল (karal)
  • Russian: Коралл (korall)
  • Portuguese: Coral (pronunciation: /koˈɾaw/)
  • Japanese: サンゴ (sango)
  • < b>Punjabi: ਮੂੰਗਾ (mūngā)
  • German: Koralle (pronunciation: /koˈʁalə/)
  • Javanese: Karang (ꦏꦫꦁ)
  • Wu Chinese: 珊瑚 (sae平 hu去)
  • French: Corail (pronunciation: /kɔ.ʁaj/)
  • Telugu: పసుపు (pasupu)

5 FAQs About Coral

Is coral a plant or an animal?

Coral is an animal, specifically a marine invertebrate.

How do corals form reefs?

Corals form reefs by secreting calcium carbonate skeletons, which accumulate over time and create a solid structure.

Are all corals brightly colored?

Not all corals are brightly colored. While some exhibit vibrant colors, others may appear dull or even transparent.

What are the threats to coral reefs?

Coral reefs face threats such as pollution, overfishing, climate change, and ocean acidification.

Can corals be found in freshwater?

No, corals are exclusively found in marine environments and require saltwater to survive.

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