What is the Definition of Biosphere?

What is the Definition of Biosphere?

a reference to the totality of the earth surface and atmosphere that is inhabited by living organisms.

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What is the Definition of Biosphere in Geographic Terms?

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What is the meaning of Soil Profile

Vertical arrangement of layers or horizons in a soil.

What is the meaning of Snow

A type of solid precipitation that forms in clouds with an air temperature below freezing. Snow forms when water vapor deposits directly as a solid on a deposition nuclei. Snowflakes begin their life as very tiny crystals developing on a six-sided hexagonal deposition nuclei. The developing snowflak, then grows fastest at the six points of the nuclei as these surfaces are more exposed to atmosphere's water vapor. Snowfall is most common with the frontal lifting associated with mid-latitude cyclones during fall, winter, and spring months when air temperatures are below freezing.

What is the meaning of Soil Structure

General term that describes how mineral and particles organic matter of are organized and clumped together in a soil.

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