What is the Definition of Biodiversity?

What is the Definition of Biodiversity?

the range of species in a particular area.

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What is the Definition of Biodiversity in Geographic Terms?

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What is the meaning of Solifluction

Form of mass movement in environments that experience freeze-thaw action. It is characterized by the slow movement of soil material downslope and the formation of lobe-shaped features. Also see gelifluction.

What is the meaning of Solonetzic Soil

Soil order (type) of the Canadian System of Soil Classification. This soil type is associated with grassland habitats where high levels of evapotranspiration cause the accumulation of salts at or near the soil surface. These soils are common in the dry regions of the prairies where evapotranspiration greatly exceeds precipitation input.

What is the meaning of Solstice

Dates when the declination of the Sun is at 23.5° North or South of the equator. For the Northern Hemisphere this date falls on June 21 or 22 (Summer Solstice). In the Southern Hemisphere the date is December 21 or 22 (Winter Solstice).

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