What is the Definition of Bedrock?

What is the Definition of Bedrock?

solid rock underlying other surface materials.

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What is the Definition of Bedrock in Geographic Terms?

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What is the meaning of Spodosols

Soil order (type) of the United States Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil Classification System. A spodosol soil has pronounced layers of illuviation characterized by accumulations of iron and aluminum oxides in the B horizon. These soils form in moist, cool climates.

What is the meaning of Sporadic Permafrost

Form of permafrost that exists as small islands of frozen ground in otherwise unfrozen soil and sediments.

What is the meaning of SPOT (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales)

Series of satellites developed by the French Space Agency, with the cooperation with Belgium and Sweden for the purpose of remotely monitoring resources on the Earth. The first SPOT satellite was launched in 1986. See the following website for more information - SPOT Image.

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