What is the Definition of Artesian?

What is the Definition of Artesian?

the upward movement of groundwater by hydrostatic pressure.

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What is the Definition of Artesian in Geographic Terms?

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What is the meaning of Thermodynamic Laws

Laws that describe the physical processes, relationships, and phenomena associated with heat.

What is the meaning of Thermokarst

Landscape dominated by depressions, pits, and caves that is created by the thawing of ground ice in high latitude locations. Resembles karst landscape but is not created by chemical weathering.

What is the meaning of Thermosphere

Atmospheric layer above the mesosphere (above 80 kilometers) characterized by air temperatures rising rapidly with height. The thermosphere is the hottest layer in the atmosphere. In the thermosphere, gamma, X-ray, and specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation are absorbed by certain gases in the atmosphere. The absorbed radiation is then converted into heat energy. Temperatures in this layer can be greater than 1200° Celsius.

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