What is the Definition of Arete?

What is the Definition of Arete?

a sharp, steed-sided ridge in an upland area. Resultant of enlargement of adjacent corries.

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What is the Definition of Arete in Geographic Terms?

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What is the meaning of Throughfall

Describes the process of precipitation passing through the plant canopy. This process is controlled by factors like: plant leaf and stem density, type of the precipitation, intensity of the precipitation and duration of the precipitation event. The amount of precipitation passing through varies greatly with vegetation type.

What is the meaning of Through Talik

Is a form of localized unfrozen ground (talik) in an area of permafrost. It is open to the ground surface and to an area of unfrozen ground beneath it. Permafrost encases it along the sides.

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A geologic fault where the hanging wall is forced over the foot wall.

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