What is the Definition of Segregated Account?

What is the Definition of Segregated Account?

In Canada, an investment account that insurers maintain separately from a general account to help manage the funds placed in variable insurance products such as variable annuities. (See Separate account)

Source: Insurance Handbook A guide to insurance: what it does and how it works | https://www.iii.org/

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What is the Definition of Segregated Account?

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What is the meaning of Retention Limit

maximum amount of medical and hospital expense an insurer will carry on its own. The limit can be for an individual claim and/or for the insurers total claims, depending upon the terms of the reinsurance contract.

What is the meaning of Retrocession

the portion of risk that a reinsurance company cedes or amount of insurance the company chooses not to retain.

What is the meaning of Retrospective Rating

the process of determining the cost of an insurance policy based on the actual loss experience determined as an adjustment to the initial premium payment.

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