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What is the Definition of Mib, Inc.?

What is the Definition of Mib, Inc.?

A nonprofit organization established to provide information to insurers about impairments that applicants have admitted to, or that other insurers have detected, in connection with previous applications for insurance. Formerly known as Medical Information Bureau.

Source: Insurance Handbook A guide to insurance: what it does and how it works |

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What is the Definition of Mib, Inc.?

What is the Definition of Mib, Inc.?

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Meaning of Beneficiary in Insurance Terms

The person or legal entity the owner of an insurance policy names to receive the policy benefit if the event insured against occurs. (See Annuity beneficiary; Contingent beneficiary; Irrevocable beneficiary)

Meaning of Binder in Insurance Terms

Temporary authorization of coverage issued prior to the actual insurance policy.

Meaning of Blanket Insurance in Insurance Terms

Coverage for more than one type of property at one location or one type of property at more than one location. Example: chain stores.

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