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What is the Definition of Liquidation?

What is the Definition of Liquidation?

Enables the state insurance department as liquidator or its appointed deputy to wind up the insurance company’s affairs by selling its assets and settling claims upon those assets. After receiving the liquidation order, the liquidator notifies insurance departments in other states and state guaranty funds of the liquidation proceedings. Such insurance company liquidations are not subject to the Federal Bankruptcy Code but to each state’s liquidation statutes.

Source: Insurance Handbook A guide to insurance: what it does and how it works |

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What is the Definition of Liquidation?

What is the Definition of Liquidation?

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The conversion of insurance companies from mutual companies owned by their policyholders into publicly traded stock companies.

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Financial institutions that obtain their funds mainly through deposits from the public. They include commercial banks, savings and loan associations, savings banks and credit unions.

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