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What is the Definition of Commercial Lines?

What is the Definition of Commercial Lines?

Products designed for and bought by businesses. Among the major coverages are boiler and machinery, business income, commercial auto, comprehensive general liability, directors and officers liability, fire and allied lines, inland marine, medical malpractice liability, product liability, professional liability, surety and fidelity, and workers compensation. Most of these commercial coverages can be purchased separately except business income, which must be added to a fire insurance (property) policy. (See Commercial multiple peril policy)

Source: Insurance Handbook A guide to insurance: what it does and how it works |

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What is the Definition of Commercial Lines?

What is the Definition of Commercial Lines?

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What is the Meaning of CREDIT SCORE In Insurance Terms?

The number produced by an analysis of an individual’s credit history. The use of credit information affects all consumers in many ways, including getting a job, finding a place to live, securing a loan, getting telephone service  and buying insurance. Credit history is routinely reviewed by insurers before issuing a commercial policy because businesses in poor financial condition tend to cut back on safety, which can lead to more accidents and more claims. Auto and home insurers may use information in a credit history to produce an insurance score. Insurance scores may be used in underwriting and rating insurance policies. (See Insurance score)

What is the Meaning of CRIME INSURANCE In Insurance Terms?

Term referring to property coverages for the perils of burglary, theft and robbery.

What is the Meaning of CRITICAL ILLNESS (CI) INSURANCE In Insurance Terms?

A type of individual health insurance that pays a lump-sum benefit when the insured is diagnosed with a specified illness. Also known as critical diagnosis insurance. Contrast with Specified disease coverage.

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