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What is the Definition of Antitrust Laws?

What is the Definition of Antitrust Laws?

Laws that prohibit companies from working as a group to set prices, restrict supplies or stop competition in the marketplace. The insurance industry is subject to state antitrust laws but has a limited exemption from federal antitrust laws. This exemption, set out in the McCarran-Ferguson Act, permits insurers to jointly develop common insurance forms and share loss data to help them price policies.

Source: Insurance Handbook A guide to insurance: what it does and how it works |

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What is the Definition of Antitrust Laws?

What is the Definition of Antitrust Laws?

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What is the Meaning of MANUAL In Insurance Terms?

A book published by an insurance or bonding company or a rating association or bureau that gives rates, classifications and underwriting rules.

What is the Meaning of MARINE INSURANCE In Insurance Terms?

Coverage for goods in transit, and for the commercial vehicles that transport them, on water and over land. The term may apply to inland marine but more generally applies to ocean marine insurance. Covers damage or destruction of a ship’s hull and cargo and perils include collision, sinking, capsizing, being stranded, fire, piracy and jettisoning cargo to save other property. Wear and tear, dampness, mold, and war are not included. (See Inland marine; Ocean marine)

What is the Meaning of MATURITY DATE In Insurance Terms?

(1) For endowment in insurance, the date on which an insurer will pay the face amount of an endowment policy to the policy owner if the insured is still living. (2) In investing, the date on which a bond issuer must repay to the bondholder the amount originally borrowed. (3) For an annuity, the date on which the insurer begins to make annuity payments. Also known as income date.

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